A drop of meanness

There are so many thoughtful, talented, and principled people in the world. People who are respectful and engender respect. People who have made it clear they are interested in, and trust the thoughts, expertise, and skills of others. People with whom one can enjoy the give and take of solving problems as everyone’s ideas are considered.

But there are always one or two people who are petty and do not value anything above their own opinions. People who do not take responsibility for their part in situations that have gone awry and do not value other people’s thoughts, expertise, or contributions. These people project their own insecurities about themselves onto the others around them, and play games of one-upmanship–even when they are the one in power, as though being in power is not enough: they have to lord it over the people they control as if it’s their right because they are superior, rather than a privilege they should be honored to have. These people behave meanly, defined by the  Merriam Webster dictionary as acting  “…below the normal standards of human decency and dignity..” and characterized as “petty – of narrow interests and small-minded.”

And it is amazing how just a little bit of that petty meanness can shatter and blow into the wind all the wonderful thoughts and feelings created by talented and principled people.

One must be build up an immunity to such people and be wary never to behave that way themselves. Do not reciprocate, but be thankful you are not so needy, and forgive them Lord for they know not what they’ve done.

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