Changes and justice

There are times when something happens, an event, a change, a happening so tremendous and unexpected, or preceded by so much foreshadowing, but yet so unfathomable that it leaves you shaking and somewhat queasy. You wonder how such a thing could happen because it is not good and it flips everything around. And the unjustness of it makes you fear for yourself realizing your own vulnerability and checking your behavior carefully.

Those times are very difficult to live through. You want to be anywhere but where you are and yet all you can do is stare and tremble slightly. Taking action and helping others can provide a momentary sense of control, but eventually you are left alone at night with your thoughts and fears and you wonder how you could let such a thing happen and not object.

But after some time you move through the fear and the change becomes the norm.

And so—in this way—we often allow the dreadful and unjust to happen and pass into distant history with very little comment.

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