The Ion

Last night was my first night programming with the Ion console; I’m a bit late to the party, but got there nonetheless. It is a remarkably nice console, particularly for the traditional theatre programmers among us. It combines the familiar cue-to-cue with enough stack-able faders to run a show on the fly. The effects engine is multi-faceted and almost intuitive——-and the screens are great. Like looking at an airplane’s display, you can see everything that’s going on.

I was able to program a couple of effects-based looks for pre-show and fuss with faders and channels during the show when the auctioneer was determined to avoid all the light on the stage!

I used CK Blasts for a ground row in front of the CYC and regular gobos for the texture. I thought it came out looking pretty good. Below is an iPhone shot…

Wing Luke Auction 2012

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