How long it’s been

Wow six months since I mused publicly and shared my thoughts. It seems like just yesterday so long ago–as time crawls past at lighting speed.

I am pondering today how it seems that the most delusional and, often unkind, people manage to be so convincing, and how often it seems that people are righteous and convicted but not particularly wise.

One would expect a woman, or man, draped in the cloths of the court to be able to differentiate between what is justice and what is their own solipsistic vision of right and wrong, because we do all have our own ideas about right and wrong, and our own reactions to people, our own prejudices and preferences. But to allow those compulsions, believes, convictions, prejudices, or preferences to lead to unkind or unfair treatment is, well lousy. particularly when you are placed in a position of power.

For instance, to award all the African art purchased by the white wife, to the black husband in a divorce trial is well odd, don’t you think–all the of it, why not split it?

I also wonder about why we are so keen these days to congregate willingly into exclusive groups of like minded people, with all the variety of folks and experiences, why stay with only what you know? Or more importantly why seek to avoid what is unfamiliar, or exclude what you don’t understand.

Is it because we enjoying imposing our views on others, and it is easier to do if you are surrounded by people who already share your views?

If anyone has any answers I would welcome them!

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