Sound Gear

Well, I thought I might wait an entire year to post again–it seemed a nice dependable period of time. But then I got impatient and couldn’t wait so long.

I work with many wonderful people who are audio engineers, and musicians; and of late we are organizing our sound equipment; and because of this they have the perfect justification for inundating me with detailed information about how sound equipment works: those sine waves that go opposite each other along cables until the wires in the cables get soldered to the other pins then the waves goes with each other: the low voltage that goes to high voltage after it hits a small box called an amp.

And microphones… There are narrow beam, medium beam and really wide beam–just like lights–but beams refer to sound waves that go into the mic instead of light waves that go out of the light. And the names are far more complicated, ending with “omni-directional” for the wide wide beam one.

And once these guys start talking, OMG….

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