Shameless bragging and other things we leave behind

My first thought for this post was about the things we leave behind–not the great big things, like buildings, endowments, educational philosophies or legislative policy, left behind by people who are confident enough in their own vision of the world to impose it on the rest of us– but the small gentle things, like a moment of kindness, an opportunity for success, or the gifts of loyalty and trust. I thought this thought because I got a message from someone I went to school with years ago. This person said “you were kind and gentle with me and I remember it well.” It brought tears to my eyes because that school we went to, and that time period, were hard and I was amazed to think I could have left behind a little kindness.

Then I thought about whether it is better to leave behind a great big thing that affects many people, or a small gentle thing that leave a lasting impression on one person. I know people who have worked tirelessly and successfully for economic justice for all, but failed to nurture those around them, and I know people who can give anyone near them the gift of contentment, even in the worst situations, but who cannot pay their own bills. I have decided that neither neither gift is better–or worse–and both types of people are valuable.

Then, as I was beginning to write this, I got side tracked and found links to work I have done that I am proud of, so I will brag shamelessly for a moment.

Gypsy Soul is folk-rock band from the Pacific Northwest. I usually light their shows at The Triple Door, which is a music venue in Seattle. Below is a link to a live performance from a DVD they filmed at The Triple Door. I did the lighting! I really like it too, particularly the kickers on the guitar players (the back light) and the way the musicians stand out, clearly defined and colorful but not colored by the light. I also like the song.

Roslyn Northern Lights was a lighting installation in the town where Northern Exposure was filmed, and a local newspaper took some pictures, which you can see here: I am very proud about how beautifully the buildings and statue looked after we put the lights on them. The moon helped too.

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