Northern Lights

So this nifty and fun opportunity came my way at work, which was to light up a small town called Roslyn in Eastern Washington. Roslyn is where the TV series Northern Exposure was filmed. It is a coal mining town about 90 miles outside of Seattle and it is filled with two and three story wooden plank or rough cut stone buildings. It is not wealthy place, but it is not poor either and it has art galleries and small cafes and the oldest bar in Washington State, called The brick.

The town was having its first “Northern Lights” event which was envisioned as an installation of light in, around, and on the buildings with light placed so that it highlighted the buildings and created worlds of shadow and color for people to move in and out of.

I was lucky enough to be asked to make this happen, so I went out there with a handful of PAR cans and fresnels, and a couple of effects projectors–and a plan of where to put them. And I worked with a group from the University of  Washington placing the lights about the town.

And my goodness if it didn’t turn out to look terrific. There was nothing that I felt dreadful about–and usually there is something that I feel dreadful about when I finally see the finished product.

Here are my two favorite photographs, but there are more at

3 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Hi Lady,
    Your blog is well written, varied and visual (it travels across the arts.). A minor prepositional error but quite forgiven (“of” at the end of a sentence.)
    However, you may not be the Linet Henry I know; my name and face do not show on your Facebook as one of your friends The Linet I know would never cause such an omission.

    • Carole, I found your coments on sentence construction and grammer interesting, I had never considered if one were allowed to end a sentence with of.
      Oops I just did it. That is, ended a sentance with a preposition; at least I didn’t end it with and. Can you imagine anyone ending a sentence with and! A terrible thing to be guilty of.
      I also read Ms Henry’s essay and found nothing particularly wrong in it. Although she does like to start a sentance with and. I find that a weird thing to do. And, in my opinion something she is routinely guilty of. To close I would piont out that I have made a cuople of intenionel speling misteaks thruoghuot this, if you were to reread I shure you can spot them in here.

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